A transhumant shepherd on Mount Aigoual: sheep transhumance and the shepherd's knowledge


  • Bernard Grellier, who is active in the Cévennes National Park in southern France and in the associations, “A Memory for Tomorrow” and “Transhumance and the Future”, has been a transhumant shepherd and a breeder of raiole sheep (a breed with a very small population) since 1975. He completed his initial training at the Bergerie Nationale de Rambouillet.
    Email: grel30@wanadoo.fr


In Languedoc, sheep can be raised only if they are brought to summer pastures: this is a climatic necessity. And sheep are as indispensable in the plains as in the highlands. Transhumance has thus shaped the landscape, the paths, and human relations. In this context, the shepherd's knowledge has proved to be effective and pertinent. Today, questions are raised concerning the transmission of this knowledge in a global economy that does not necessarily need sheep, but is preoccupied by the biodiversity resulting from and saved by the traffic and the grazing of the flocks.