An integrated approach to optimizing skin delivery of cosmetic and pharmaceutical actives


Steven Abbott, Steven Abbott TCNF Ltd, 7 Elsmere Road, Ipswich, IP1 3SZ UK. Tel.: 01473 232813; e-mail:


The academic literature on skin delivery provides countless examples of scientific insights into specific aspects of the overall process. For the practical formulator, however, it is difficult to know how to combine such insights in a way that fits into the realities of commercial formulations. In this study, five key principles are combined into an integrated approach that can be applied to real-world formulations. Given the complexities of skin science, the integrated approach cannot be expected to be highly precise. Instead, it is intended as a way for a formulation team to balance the many conflicting issues. The predictions are sufficiently specific to be examined by those with the appropriate analytical resources and data on formulation efficacy. It is hoped that such challenges will allow the approach to be refined for the future.