Adolescent Suicidal Ideation and Attempts: Prevalence, Risk Factors, and Clinical Implications


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In this article we summarize findings from our program of research (the Oregon Adolescent Depression Project) as they pertain to the suicidal behavior of older (14–18-year-old) adolescents. Specifically, we (a) present information regarding the epidemiology of suicidal ideation and suicide attempts (e.g., prevalence, incidence, onset age, methods, severity); (b) describe the psychosocial characteristics associated with past and future suicide attempts, in comparison to depression; (c) discuss issues relevant to assessment and screening, including our development of a new assessment instrument, the Life Attitudes Schedule; (d) share recommendations gained from our experience in providing treatment for depressed adolescents, approximately 40% of whom had made a suicide attempt; and (e) identify gaps in current knowledge for which more research is needed.