Integrating Interventions and Services Research: Progress and Prospects


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Although interventions and services research paradigms have distinct historical roots and methodologic traditions, both aim to improve mental health services for adults and youth. This article introduces a series of articles that represent examples of innovative and integrative (i.e., integration of services and interventions research) research efforts. This work involves an integration of the interventions and services research paradigms to address the difficult questions related to improving mental health services in diverse settings. Each of the four articles takes a distinctly different path in bringing together the interventions and services research traditions, with foci ranging from (a) using psychotherapy measurement tools to assess the content of usual care practice in collaboration with providers, (b) adapting randomized clinical trial design to fit nonmental healthcare settings while addressing relevant outcomes, (c) understanding and incorporating patient preferences into treatment research, and (d) identifying organization-level variables relevant to interventions development and implementation. In the introductory article, we provide a brief précis concerning the interventions and services research traditions, highlight how each of the four articles illustrates an innovative integration of interventions and services research, and discuss additional future directions beyond the work introduced in this series.