Allegiance or Fidelity? A Clarifying Reply


  • Grant T. Harris,

  • Marnie E. Rice,

  • Vernon L. Quinsey

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[Clin Psychol Sci Prac 17: 82–89, 2010]

Recently, in the journal Clinical Psychology: Science and Practice, there appeared a systematic review (Blair, Marcus, & Boccaccini, 2008) accompanied by a commentary (Lilienfeld & Jones, 2008) suggesting an “allegiance effect” in the reporting of the predictive accuracy of actuarial risk assessment systems. The authors of these two articles suggested some possible errors or misrepresentation on the part of original developers or other researchers and proposed some remedies. We examined these two articles in conjunction with all the available evidence for the Violence Risk Appraisal Guide and Sex Offender Risk Appraisal Guide and concluded there is no evidence of an allegiance effect.