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Modeling Audience Interactivity as the Gratification-Seeking Process in Online Newspapers


Chan Yun Yoo; e-mail:


This study introduced the concept of “audience interactivity,” a compound feature-oriented construct that subsumes medium and human interactivity in the context of online newspapers. By examining the relationships between the motives, audience interactivity, gratifications obtained (GO), attitude toward the online newspaper, and repeat visit intention, this study established “audience interactivity” as an intervening factor in the gratification-seeking process. Four primary gratification-seeking motives were identified, and each motive had distinctive effect on two subdimensions of audience interactivity (i.e., medium vs. human interactivity). In turn, medium and human interactivity had effects on one or more dimensions of GO, which contributed to shaping attitude toward the online newspaper and repeat visit intention. Some limitations and practical implications are discussed.