The foundation of a communicator style construct is presented in this paper. The construct is stipulated to include communication variables which reflect the “way one verbally and paraverbally interacts to signal how literal meaning should be taken, interpreted, filtered, or understood.” Nine independent variables (dominant, dramatic, animated, open, contentious, relaxed, friendly, attentive, and impression leaving) and one dependent variable (communicator image) operationally define the construct.

Two independent samples, the first with 80 subjects and 102 items and the second with 1,086 subjects and 51 items, are analyzed in terms of (1) how the variables cluster, (2) what dimensionality is embedded in the structure of intercorrelations, and (3) which variables best predict communicator image. Potentially, the construct provides a context for other communication variables, relates to perceptual processes, and explains interpersonal consequents.