This article corrects:

  1. Are Norms of Disclosure of Online and Offline Personal Information Associated with the Disclosure of Personal Information Online? Volume 36, Issue 4, 570–592, Article first published online: 16 September 2010

Mesch, G. S., & Beker, G. (2010). Are norms of disclosure of online and offline personal information associated with the disclosure of personal information online? Human Communication Research, 36, 570–592.

In the above article, published in the October issue of Human Communication Research, two references in the text were incorrectly attributed. On page 572 and page 575, the references are listed as Walther (2002). The correct reference should be Tidwell, L. C., & Walther, J. B. (2002). Computer-mediated communication effects on disclosure, impressions, and interpersonal evaluations: Getting to know one another a bit at a time. Human Communication Research, 28, 317–348.

In addition, when referring to this work, we argue that “[f]urther research by Tidwell and Walther (2002) using in-depth content analysis of controlled experimental communications also found higher levels of disclosure and personal-question asking in the CMC setting.” In fact, in their study, Tidwell and Walther found that among CMC participants, a greater proportion of their remarks were comprised of personal questions and self-disclosures.

We would like to thank Joseph Walther for bringing to our attention the errors.

Gustavo S. Mesch Guy Beker