In June 2005 members of the leadership and senior staff of IHS met to develop a long-range vision and strategic plan for the organisation. Kermit Eide, Principal Partner of Tecker Consultants, Trenton, NJ, USA, facilitated the session.

The draft plan from the planning session was distributed to those who attended, along with a survey seeking their comments and response to the draft. The comments were reviewed by a smaller group in October 2005.

The full planning group met for a second time in February 2006 to review the organisational structures and processes of IHS in order to fulfil the vision and strategic plan.

In September 2006 a task force was formed to write the new Memorandum and Articles of Association in line with the strategic plan. The task force worked in close collaboration with Alison McKenna of Wilson's Solicitors, Salisbury, UK, previously advisor to the UK Charity Commission and, as of June 2008, President of the new Charity Tribunal.

The document was approved by IHS Council in June 2008, sent to and approved by the UK Charity Commission in July 2008, and adopted by the IHS members during the AGM in September 2008.

The IHS Purpose and Values and new Memorandum and Articles of Association are published herewith, and the IHS Board of Trustees can now fulfil it's vision to be the world leader amongst professional headache organisations, promoting science, education, public health policy and ethics, to improve the care of people with headache.