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Effectiveness of LPG® treatment in morphea


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Background  The LPG® technique, also known as Endermology® treatment, is a noninvasive technique consisting of a tissue mobilization process in which a skin fold is created between two rollers, stretching the underlying tissue and mobilizing the fold. The LPG® technique is very effective in treating scars. Because the lesions of morphea or circumscribed scleroderma are similar to atrophic scars, it seemed reasonable to treat them with a method proven helpful for scars.

Materials and methods  We treated 17 lesions of 10 patients (four males and six females) with the diagnosis of morphea ranging in age from 17 to 78 years (mean age 55 years) and investigated and documented the evolution of their lesions and changes in their quality of life.

Results  In all patients there was a large improvement in the clinical appearance of the lesions, the induration and the pain. Elasticity was particularly increased, not only based on clinical findings but also as documented with objective assessment. The acceptability of the treatment was good and the patients reported an improved quality of life.

Conclusion  The LPG® technique (Endermology®) is an adjunctive treatment for morphea. It cannot eliminate the disease but can relieve the pain, soften the skin and improve the quality of life for these patients.