• lipoma;
  • tumescent liposuction


Background  Lipoma is a common soft-tissue tumour of mature fat cells. Although surgical excision is effective, treatments that are less invasive and not associated with disfigurement of scar would be ideal for the treatment of lipomas. Recently, tumescent liposuction has been used for the treatment of lipomas.

Objective  To evaluate the efficacy of tumescent liposuction in lipoma treatment, we reviewed our experience of lipoma treatment by tumescent liposuction.

Methods  A total of 21 patients presenting with 31 lipomas were treated with tumescent liposuction. After liposuction, remaining stromas were removed by a haemostat through the small incision. Tumour size and post-operative complications were recorded before and after treatment.

Results  A total of 31 lipomas of 21 patients were treated by tumescent liposuction. The size of lipomas ranged between 1.2 and 11 cm (mean size, 4.1 cm). In 23 cases, there were no complications. However, remnant lipomas, bruise, haematoma and immediate dimpling were found as complications.

Conclusion  Tumescent liposuctions with extracting remnant fat tissue and fibrous tissue through the opening for liposuction can be an effective treatment technique in lipoma treatment in the efficacy and cosmetic outcomes and this method can be a substitute for excision in treating large lipomas.