Bonbon toffee sign: a new dermatoscopic feature for sebaceous hyperplasia


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Introduction  Sebaceous hyperplasia is a benign proliferation of the sebaceous gland. In this study, we tried to define the dermatoscopic features of sebaceous hyperplasia, which will help to minimize misdiagnoses.

Material and method  Seventeen patients with 30 sebaceous hyperplasia lesions were included in the study. All the lesions were evaluated dermatoscopically.

Results  Cumulus sign, crown vessels, and milia-like cysts were detected in 100%, 86.6%, 53.3% of the lesions, respectively. In 80% of the lesions, the bonbon toffee sign was detected.

Conclusion  During this study, we observed a feature with central umbilication surrounded by cumulus sign in 80% of our cases, and we named this entity as the ‘Bonbon toffee sign’, which resembled us ‘bonbon toffee’. We think the ‘bonbon toffee sign’ is a simple and easily recognizable phrase, and it can be used as a new terminology in dermatoscopic diagnosis of sebaceous hyperplasia.