Evaluation of sensitive scalp severity and symptomatology by using a new score


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    Laurent Misery has been consultant for Pierre Fabre, Roche-Posay, Stiefel, Galderma, Leo, Sinclair, SVR, Cognis, Uriage and Bioderma. Other others are employees of the Pierre Fabre group.

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    Pierre Fabre group.

Pr. Laurent Misery. E-mail: laurent.misery@chu-brest.fr


Background  Among localizations of sensitive skin, scalp is one of the less known.

Objectives  We performed a study for a better understanding of sensitive scalp and proposed a new score: the 3S score.

Methods  An opinion poll was conducted on 2117 persons, which were representative of the French population. The total score was obtained by multiplying score severity of abnormal sensations by the number of these sensations.

Results  About one-third of the population declared to suffer from a sensitive scalp. It was increasingly frequent with age. The 3S questionnaire allowed discrimination among subjects with slightly sensitive, sensitive and very sensitive scalps. Itching and prickling were the most frequent symptoms. Sensitive scalp was sometimes associated with some scalp diseases. Dandruff cannot be considered as a symptom of sensitive scalp.

Conclusions  This study is only the third reported study about sensitive scalp. The 3S questionnaire is a convenient and effective tool for investigating the severity and symptomatology of the sensitive scalp.