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An alternative approach for Mohs surgery using a combination of a flexible blade and the traditional scalpel


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Background  Mohs surgery is a specialized surgical and pathological technique used for the removal of high-risk neoplasms. Previous reports show the ability of using a flexible blade for Mohs surgery.

Method  We utilized a technique combining the traditional #15 blade and scalpel with a flexible blade to perform excisions for Mohs surgery.

Discussion  The use of the flexible blade alone in Mohs may yield jagged tissue peripheral edges after cutting on the cryostat. The classic technique with a scalpel excision often results in a deeper cut than desired, resulting in a larger defect. We modified both the traditional Mohs technique and the flexible blade by combining both. We have performed this method in approximately over 100 cases on the scalp, face and ears, preserving tissue, minimizing bleeding and avoiding alopecia.