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Nevus oligemicus: a case series


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A. Batalla.


Background  Nevus oligemicus is a functional nevus caused by vasoconstriction of the cutaneous deep vascular plexus, and vasodilatation of vessels of the superficial dermis due to abnormal responses of adrenergic receptors. To the best of our knowledge, only 14 cases in 8 articles were reported in the revised indexed literature.

Case report  We present five cases of nevus oligemicus in two males and in three female patients. Common characteristics in all patients were overweight and sedentary habits.

Discussion  Nevus oligemicus is an uncommon condition characterized by livid and cyanotic patches with localized hypothermia as the key-diagnostic sign. It has been suggested that this entity is probably underdiagnosed, as it is asymptomatic and remains stable in its evolution.