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Birhombic flap, a modified bilobed flap, for repair of nasal defect


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A.M. Skaria.


Background  Reconstruction of longitudinal defects of the lateral nasal alar might be challenging. Reconstruction with a bilobed flap is common for round defects normally the bilobed flap is less suited for longitudinal defects.

Objective  We describe a birhombic flap for longitudinal defect.

Methods  Demonstration of the technique and practical application for this kind of reconstruction.

Results  The bilobed flap is a very useful flap for lateral nasal tip or distal alar reconstruction. We show that a small modification of the flap allows to cover also longitudinal defects on the lateral tip of the nose. As the first lobe movement corresponds more to the rhomboid transposition flap, we prefer to call it birhombic flap.

Conclusion  The birhombic flap has its place in reconstructive surgery. This flap has a specific indication and precise advantages to other repairs in particular to the bilobed flap.