One-year continence project for people with mental handicaps


  • Linda Buchan,

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      LINDA BUCHAN is a Principal Clinical Psychologist who is presently working as Service Manager for People with a Mental Handicap, Tower Hamlets Health Authority, Community Health Services, 130 Sewardstone Road, London E2 9HN.

  • Susanna Chow,

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      SUSANNA M. K. CHOW is a Research Occupational Therapist, Tower Hamlets Health Authority, who is presently reading for an MSc degree in Rehabilitation Studies at the University of Southampton.

  • Ailsa Stoddart

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      AILSA STODDART is a Trainee Clinical Psychologist, also with Tower Hamlets Health Authority.


People with mental handicaps often have difficulty managing their toileting needs. This project looked at implementation of behavioural training programmes to improve the continence skills of people living in the community. Fifty-three adults and children participated between March 1986 and March 1987. Four achieved complete continence. Twenty-four showed improvement. The cost effectiveness of the project is presented.