Book reviewed in this article:

Living with Dyslexia Barbara Riddick

Adults with Autism: A Guide to Theory and Practice Hugh Morgan

Creative Music in Groupwork Christopher Achenbach

Adults with Learning Disabilities: A Practical Approach for Health Professionals Jean O'Hara and Anthea Sperlinger (eds)

Autism and Autistic-like Conditions in Mental Retardation Dirk Krajer

Language and Communication in People with Learning Disabilities Michael Beveridge, Gina Conti-Ramsden and Ivan Leudar (eds)

The Clinical Psychologists Handbook of Epilepsy: Assessment and Management Christine Cull and Laura H. Goldstein

Raise the Roof: Supported Housing User Consultation CVS Consultancy Services

Interaction in Action: Reflections on the Use of Intensive Interaction David Hewett and Melanie Nind (eds)

Disability Rights Handbook: A Guide to Benefits and Services for all Disabled People, their Families, Carers and Advisers (23rd edn) April 1998-April 1999 Judith Paterson

Challenging Local Authority Decisions Ann McDonald