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A flexible response: person-centred support and social inclusion for people with learning disabilities and challenging behaviour


Steven Carnaby, Consultant Lead Clinical Psychologist, Westminster Learning Disability Partnership, 2nd Floor, 215 Lisson Grove, London NW8 8LF, UK (E-mail:


Accessible summary

  • • Everyone has the right to be in their community, and some people need extra help to make sure this happens.
  • • Services should be based on what people like to do with the support they need to do things safely.
  • • Staff working in services should all work together whatever their role is, to make sure all people with learning disabilities get what they need.


Social inclusion and citizenship form the key objective of Valuing People Now (2009), but achieving this meaningfully with people whose behaviour can challenge services remains elusive for many services. This article describes the philosophy, development, operationalisation and evaluation of a person-centred day opportunities and supported lifestyle service which is successfully placing service users at the heart of their local community. Its innovation lies in embedding clinical input directly in the support model, creating interdependent partnership working across agencies and developing frontline staff to become highly skilled practitioners.