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Taking issue with PPARC over STP


  • Acknowledgments: We would like to thank Gemma Attrill for her significant hard work and enthusiasm injected into this process and the formation of S3. We would like to thank Keith Mason for taking the time to talk to us in a frank and honest manner. We would like to thank the RAS for providing travel grants to young scientists to atend our meeting in May. And finally we would like to thank all of the early-career scientists who have played a part in making this a worthwhile process.


Following the PPARC programmatic review announced in the spring of last year, with its gloomy outlook for solar–terrestrial physics, three young scientists in the field mobilized the junior members of the STP community. Gary Abel, Jim Wild and Mick Denton tell the story which led to an unprecedented meeting of early-career scientists, followed by an informative meeting with PPARC chief executive Prof. Keith Mason.