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Autumn MIST


  • Gary Abel

    1. (, British Antarctic Survey, Cambridge; Emma Bunce, University of Leicester; Eoghan Griffin, University College London; Adam Rees, Imperial College London.
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Gary Abel, Emma Bunce, Eoghan Griffin and Adam Rees report from the first new-style discussion meeting of the reorganized MIST community, which took place in London in November.


The MIST (magnetosphere, ionosphere and solar–terrestrial physics) community has been reinvigorated with a more formal structure, including a council, and a more thematic approach to the regular community meetings. The MIST group is also becoming more involved with meetings in the wider physics and astronomy community. So far the changes have proved successful. Here we report some of the highlights of the annual November meeting, concentrating on the main three themes: Saturn, mesosphere–thermosphere–ionosphere coupling, and the solar wind.