• infant;
  • radial optic flow;
  • visuo-motor interaction;
  • development;
  • the parietal cortex


Radial optic flow is one of the crucial cues for the perception of motion-in-depth and contributes to our daily adaptive actions such as locomotion or postural control. Although many researchers have examined the development of radial motion perception and that of adaptive motor actions, no valid developmental model for visuo-motor coordination has been proposed. In the present study, we tried to propose a developmental framework for the interactive process between visual radial motion perception and the adaptive motor actions in infancy, with a brief review of the previous psychophysical, psychophysiological, and neurophysiological studies. The effect of the functional development of the posterior parietal cortex, which might be induced by the experiences of ego motion in particular developmental periods, on visuo-motor coordination was discussed.