Entrusting dreams to someone else: The influences of autobiographical memory and future time perspectives on abandonment and entrustment of dreams


Yoko Ishino, Faculty of Education, Shimane University, Nishikawatsu-cho, Matsue 690-8504, Japan. (E-mail: yoko-ishino@edu.shimane-u.ac.jp)


People tend to entrust their own dreams, hopes, wishes, or aspirations associated with past positive or negative experiences, to others. These “others” may include children or people in younger generations. To date, psychological studies have investigated several developmental characteristics in relation to time perspectives. However, few studies have focused on the influence of autobiographical memory and future time perspectives on abandonment or entrustment of dreams. The present study examined this influence, based on the data of a total of 309 undergraduates for two questionnaires which included both open-ended questions and rating scales. The questionnaires examined (a) the kinds of feelings and reasons that occurred at the time of abandonment and entrustment of dreams, (b) the personal experiences prompting the abandonment and entrustment recalled, and (c) how current future time perspectives conveyed sentiments that dreams should be entrusted to someone else. Statistical analyses of the data revealed that autobiographical memory and time perspectives were strongly related to participants' feeling of entrusting dreams to others.