Description of Muntiacus truongsonensis, a new species of muntjac (Artiodactyla: Muntiacidae) from Central Vietnam, and implications for conservation


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A small blackish muntjac has been discovered in the west Quang Nam province of Vietnam. DNA sequencing of six individuals showed that this is a distinct species. A description is given. The new find is the third new ungulate species to be discovered in Vietnam in five years. The paper predicts that more species remain to be found in the Annamite mountain range and includes DNA analysis from two more undescribed species. The DNA analysis indicates that there has been a radiation of several related muntjac species in the Annamite mountains, also that the new truongson muntjac shows high intraspecific genetic diversity indicative of a large effective population size. The paper discusses the significance of these finds from an evolutionary and conservation viewpoint. The authors urge conservation authorities in the IndoChinese countries to devote special measures to protect this site of dynamic evolution which retains a combination of relict endemics (e.g. Pseudoryx) as well as on-going speciation.