acv490-sup-001-appS1-S4.doc456KAppendix S1. Carp, goldfish and field-identified hybrids investigated in this study.
acv490-sup-001-appS1-S4.doc456KAppendix S2. Cross-species PCR amplification of 14 common carp microsatellite loci in goldfish. PCR initially attempted for all loci on genomic DNA from three goldfish. For the eight loci where PCR was successful, suitability was further assessed by testing for amplification on a larger goldfish population in the Bogan River at Nyngan, estimating the % of missing data, and testing for departure from Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium (HWE). Dashes (-) indicate loci that were monomorphic in the goldfish from Nyngan. Loci deemed suitable for cross-species PCR are in bold.
acv490-sup-001-appS1-S4.doc456KAppendix S3. Allele frequencies and private alleles by population. Phenotypically identified hybrids and individuals identified as having mixed ancestry in the STRUCTURE and HEWHYBRIDS analyses were excluded from the identification of private alleles.
acv490-sup-001-appS1-S4.doc456KAppendix S4. Microsatellite alleles in the 23 carp-goldfish hybrids identified by phenotype. “0” designates missing data.

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