acv566-sup-0001-si.pdf662K Appendix S1. Model evaluation.
acv566-sup-0001-si.pdf662K Figure S1. Map containing raw location points as well as the delineation of conservation areas within South Africa.
acv566-sup-0001-si.pdf662K Figure S2. The importance of environmental variables to Maxent models of the physical, human impact and vegetation themes as assessed by jacknife and heuristic tests.
acv566-sup-0001-si.pdf662K Table S1. Sources for leopard occurrence data collected from the different provinces in South Africa used to model suitable leopard habitat with MaxEnt.
acv566-sup-0001-si.pdf662K Table S2. Environmental variables used to generate a habitat suitability map for leopards in South Africa.
acv566-sup-0001-si.pdf662K Table S3. Spearman correlation coefficients for all pairwise correlations between different environmental variables identified as candidates for modelling habitat suitability for leopards in South Africa.
acv566-sup-0001-si.pdf662K Table S4. Performance of the full and restricted MaxEnt model fitted to leopard presence as evaluated by threshold independent tests and threshold dependent tests.

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