Identification of an E689K substitution as the molecular basis of the human acid α-glucosidase type 4 allozyme (GAA*4)


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We have identified the molecular basis of the GAA*4 allozyme as a G to A transition at nt2065 which predicts the substitution of glutamic acid by lysine at codon 689 (E689K). The conclusion that this change represents the molecular basis of the GAA*4 allozyme is based on 1) presence of the G2065A in homozygosity in a known GAA*4 homozygote, 2) transient expression studies showing normal enzyme activity expressed by cDNA containing the G2065A transition and 3) isoelectric focusing studies showing a more cathodal pattern for the expressed product as compared to the common GAA*1, analogous to the patterns seen in normal and known GAA*4 lymphoid cells.