Table S1 Taqman primers. PBREM = phenobarbital response enhancer module

Table S2 Sequencing primers.

Table S3 Raw genotype data by country and country sub-group.

Table S4A Pairwise FST values for (TA)n for regions with significance values.

Table S4B Pairwise FST values for (TA)n for countries with significance values.

Table S4C Pairwise FST values for (TA)n ethnic/uniform country subgroups (≥40 members) with significance values.

Table S5 Pairwise D′ values for the UGT1A loci rs8175347, rs10929302, and rs11692021 in countries and ethnic groups.

Table S6p-Values with standard deviations for exact tests of differentiation of UGT1A haplotype frequencies among samples.

Table S7 Haplotypes comprising all five loci inferred using PHASE (on the separate groups), and their frequencies, for a subset of African samples compared with the probable ancestral alleles (as found in primates).

Figure S1 Diversity indices (h) for the UGT1A haplotypes encompassing loci rs8175347, rs10929302, and rs11692021.

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