Table S1 Details of the studies

Table S2 Genotype means for seven SNPs stratified by alcohol usage, smoking status and hypertension

Table S3 Details for SNPs rs8176719 and rs657152 in the ABO gene

Table S4 Conditional P-values for variable selected SNPs

Table S5 Mean difference in VWF per genotype for the significantly associating SNPs that contributed to the gene score in WHII

Table S6: Summary of results from Smith et al.* and current study

Figure S1a Q-Q plots for the P-values from the association analyses for each group and the combined.

Figure S1b Manhattan plots for WH-II and BWHHS study for VWF levels adjusted for age (and sex in WH-II).

Figure S2 Linkage disequilibrium (r2) between SNP rs657152 (in IBC chip) and ABO-determining SNP rs8176179.

Figure S3 Regional plots showing SNPs significant by univariate analysis (at P < 10-4) in ABO and VWF.

Figure S4 Forest plots for fixed effects meta-analyses for data from WH-II, BWHHS, BRHS and 1958BC studies' beta coefficients for SNPs associated with VWF (a) for NRG1;(b) for ESR1.

Figure S5 VWF levels in "O" and non-O subjects from WHII and BWHHS.

Figure S5 Number of males WHII "O" = 1440, males WHII non-O = 1934, Females WHII "O" = 470, females WHII "non-O" = 613, females BWHHS "O" = 1,379, females BWHHS "non-O" = 1,964. The numbers above the bars are mean VWF levels, with the bars indicating 95% confidence intervals. * = P < 0.0001

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