Table S1 Linkage disequilibrium D′ between the study DNA markers

Table S2 Canonical correlation between the body composition traits and DNA markers (N of minor allele)

Table S3 Body composition phenotypes' dependence on a number of positive effect alleles (relatively to BMI) in 4 SNPs (rs3751812, rs7190492, rs8044769, rs8050136)

Table S4 Main association results observed between the study body composition phenotypes and imputed SNPs in the first haploblock of the FTO gene (all available SNPs, including imputed).

Figure S1 Association (modulus of p-value decimal logarithm) of studied body composition phenotypes with the selected SNP chromosomal position in FTO locus. See Table 3 for the specific p-values and the size of the marker effect (regression coefficient).

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