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Appendix 1. Character scores for operational taxonomic units (OTUs) included in the phylogenetic analysis. For characters scored using gap weighting, states beyond ‘9’ are given as alphabet letters in sequence beginning with ‘A’. A copy of the nexus file containing this data set is obtainable on request from the authors. OTUs are listed in Appendix 2, characters are listed in Appendix 3.

Appendix 2. List of operational taxonomic units (OTUs) with details of the type locality and data sources.

Appendix 3. Character list pertaining to the new data set given in Appendix 1 and a list of rejected characters. Characters from previous phylogenetic data sets are identified according to a formula where A= Hampe (1992), B= Bardet et al. (1999), C= Carpenter (1999), D= O'Keefe (2001, 2004b), E= Sato (2002), F= Gasparini et al. (2002), G= Gasparini et al. (2003), H= Albright et al. (2007) and O'Keefe (2008), I= Großmann (2007), J= Druckenmiller & Russell (2008a), K= O'Keefe (2008), L= Smith & Dyke (2008), M= O'Keefe & Wahl (2003). The prefix ‘ch.’ before a number is used to indicate the character number of previous authors. So ‘Hch.1’ indicates character 1 of Albright et al. (2007). Many characters were described in detail by Druckenmiller & Russell (2008a) and additional description is provided here. References and institutional abbreviations for this section are given in Appendix 2.

Appendix 4. Quantitative data used for characters scored using gap weighting (listed in Table 2).

Appendix 5. Character optimisation by taxon. Characters and states are numbered according to Appendix 3.2. For quantitative characters, states beyong ‘9’ are given as alphabet letters in sequence beginning with ‘A’.

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