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Figure S1. Map of Orcinus orca harvest (bycatch) data collected by Mikhalev et al. (1981) (based on their fig. 12). Numbers of animals caught per 10° grid cell are indicated (see boxed legend). Incidental killer whale catch around the South African coast (Best et al., 2010) is shown. The dedicated killer whale catch (N = 906) at Prydz Bay, Antarctica (○) (Berzin & Vladimirov, 1983) is also indicated.

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Figure S2. A pod of Type C killer whales (∼14 individuals) hunting emperor penguins in McMurdo Sound, Ross Sea.

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Figure S3. A single pod (∼25 Type A individuals) observed hunting both elasmobranch fish and seals in waters between the Chatham Islands and the South Island of New Zealand. Note the seal in the jaws of the female in A.

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