Book reviewed in this article:

Contemporary Schools of Psychology (9th edition). R. S. Woodworth and Mary R. Sheehan.

Ventures in Criminology—Selected Recent Papers. Sheldon and Eleanor Glueck.

Adolescents Out of Step. Their Treatment in a Psychiatric Hospital. Peter J. S. Beckett.

Jahrbuch für Jugendpsychiatrie und Ihre Grenzgebiete. Vol. IV. H. Stutte (Ed.).

Case Studies in Behaviour Modification. Edited and Introduced by Leonard P. Ullmann and Leonard Krasner.

Experiments in Behaviour Therapy. H. J. Eysenck (Ed.).

The Mentally Retarded Child. A Psychological Approach. H. A. Robinson and Nancy M. Robinson.

Stuttering Therapy for Children. H. Luper and R. Mulder.

In Pursuit of Self-Esteem: Case Studies of Eight Elementary School Children. P. S. Sears and V. S. Sherman.

Concept Growth and the Education of the Child. J. G. Wallace.

How and why do we learn? W. R. Niblett (Ed.).

Conflict in the Classroom. N. J. Long, W. C. Morse, Ruth G. Newman.

Deprivation and Education. M. L. Kellmer Pringle.

School Psychology. Roger Reger.

Child Development. 4th Edition. Elizabeth Hurlock.

Child Health. Its Origins and Promotion. F. W. Clements and B. P. McCloskey (Eds.).

Wisdom with Children. I. N. Kugelmass