Book reviewed in this article:

Parents, Children and Adoption: A Handbook for Adoption Workers. Jane Rowe.

Handbook of Mental Retardation Syndromes. Charles H. Carter.

The Biosocial Basis of Mental Retardation. Sonia F. Osler and Robert E. Cooke (Ed.).

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Early Childhood Disturbances, The Infantile Neurosis, and the Adulthood Disturbances. Humberto Nagera.

Speech Therapy and the Bobath approach to Cerebral Palsy. M. C. Crickmay.

Psychotherapy and Child Development. Jean Biggar.

Cultural Factors in Delinquency. Edited by T. C. N. Gibbens and R. H. Ahrenfeldt.

Deviant Children Grown Up. Lee N. Robins.

11, 000 Seven-year-olds. M. L. Kellmer Pringle, N. R. Butler and R. Davis.

Standards and Progress in Reading. Joyce M. Morris.