Convergence of the Child Behavior Checklist with Structured Interview-based Psychiatric Diagnoses of ADHD Children with and without Comorbidity


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Abstract— We evaluated the convergence of CBCL scales with the diagnosis of ADHD and comorbid disorders in 133 ADHD and 118 normal control boys, aged 6–17 years old. We evaluated the strength of association between each CBCL scale and structured-interview derived diagnoses with Total Predictive Value (TPV) and the odds-ratio (OR). Excellent convergence was found between the GBGL Attention Problems scale with the diagnosis of ADHD, between the Delinquent Behaviour scale and the diagnosis of CD, and between die Anxiety/Depression scale and the diagnoses of Anxiety Disorders. These findings indicate that the CBCL could serve as a rapid and useful screening instrument to identity comoribid and non-comorbid cases of ADHD.