Psychological Testing on Schoolchildren Before and After Pollution of Drinking Water in North Cornwall


Requests for reprints to T. M. McMillan, Department of Clinical Neuropsychology, Atkinson Morley's Hospital and Wolfson Medical Rehabilitation Centre, Copse Hill, Wimbledon, London SW20 ONE, U.K.


Abstract— The tap water supply in Camel ford, North Cornwall and environs was contaminated by aluminum and other metals in 1988. Richmond tests were routinely given before and after the pollution and here scores are compared between 39 children from schools in the contaminated area and 64 children from Cornish schools outside the polluted area.

The study was retrospective and it was not possible to determine whether or how much polluted water individuals had consumed No differences were found between groups either before or after the pollution accident nor was there any evidence for any sub-group of the polluted group which had been affected

The limits of conclusions which can be drawn from data available are discussed.