Book reviewed in this article:

Problems and Methods in Longitudinal Research: Stability and Change. Edited by D Magnusson, L. R Bergman, G. Rudinger and B. Torestad.

Racism in Children's Lives: a Study of Mainly-White Primary Schools. By B. Troyna and R Hatcher

Counselling Parents of Children with Chronic Illness or Disability. By Hilton Davis

Advances in Infancy Research—Vol. 7. Edited by C Rovee-Collier and L. P Lipsitt

Neurological Disorders in Children and Adolescents. Edited by Enid Peschel, Richard Peschel, Carol Howe and James Howe

Out of Darkness: Exploring Satanism and Ritual Abuse. Edited by D. S. Sakheim and S. E. Devine

Head Injury in Children and Adolescents. By V Begah

Children's Welfare and the Law: The Limits of Legal Intervention. By M King & J Trowell