Supplemental Figure 1 Aligned By Illness Onset: Top, Left lateral and Left and Right Medial views of gray matter trajectory in bipolar subjects compared to the normal controls, after the scans were aligned by illness onset. The images are ratio maps. First bipolar scans are aligned by the illness onset and then matched control scans are also aligned to the bipolar scans. Ratio maps are then generated and color coded as described in Figure 1 above. Areas A-H: Same as in Figure 1 Supplemental Files 3-D Animated time-lapse sequence of gray matter maturation across the cortex in bipolar illness between ages 7 through 22 years. The movies are ratio maps described in Figure 1. A- Bipolar/Normal Left Lateral View B- Bipolar/Normal Right Lateral View C- Bipolar/Normal Left Medial View D- Bipolar/Normal Right Medial View and E - Psychosis NOS /Normal Left Lateral View . Color representation on scale bar same as in Figure 1

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