Notice re. P. Vuijk, P. A. C. van Lier, A. C. Huizink, F. C. Verhulst and A. A. M. Crijnen. (2006) Pre-natal smoking predicts non-responsiveness to an intervention targeting attention-deficit/hyperactivity symptoms in elementary schoolchildren, Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry, 47(9), 891-901.

Subsequent to the publication of this article Dr. Alfons Crijnen brought to the attention of the Editors the fact that he had not seen the reviewers’ comments nor seen and approved revisions of this manuscript prior to its acceptance for publication.

At the time the journal had mechanisms, in particular the Exclusive Licence Form (ELF) signed by the corresponding author on behalf of all named authors on manuscript acceptance, that were intended to ensure both that scientific integrity is upheld as a manuscript undergoes the peer review process and to protect authors’ intellectual property rights. Dr. Crijnen’s co-authors (Vuijk, van Lier, Huizink, and Verhulst) accept that these mechanisms were not adhered to in this case. The authors apologise to Dr. Crijnen for not following journal procedures and publication best practice in the way that they submitted and subsequently handled this manuscript as it underwent the journal review process and upon its eventual acceptance. Furthermore, when this paper was processed Prof. Frank Verhulst was Editor-in-Chief of the Journal. He apologises for departing from the Journal procedures for which he was responsible at that time.

Change in Journal Policy

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  2. Change in Journal Policy

In the light of this case the Journal has tightened its policy and, in addition to the Exclusive Licence Form (ELF), now requires in all cases each individual author to sign an Authorship Declaration form, asserting that they meet the criteria for authorship and that they have read the final version of the manuscript.

The Journal is also now a member of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE). COPE is a forum for editors of peer-reviewed journals to discuss issues related to the integrity of the scientific record. COPE aims:

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    To encourage and promote ethical standards in medical publications.
  • • 
    To provide guidance on publication, research, and other allied subjects to editors, investigators, and authors associated with such publications.
  • • 
    To provide guidelines and a code of practice in matters relating to suspected breaches of research and publication ethics.
  • • 
    To provide advice on dealing with any misconduct raised in connection with the code of practice.
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    COPE holds meetings and seminars for members, to receive and deal with representations from members concerning matters such as allegations of misconduct, and to issue guidance and advice as to possible sanctions in respect of such matters.

More information about COPE can be found here:

More information on Wiley-Blackwell publication ethics and best practice guidelines: