Richard K. Ellerkmann, Vladimir Riazanski, Christian E. Elger, Bernd W. Urban and Heinz Beck

Journal of Physiology 532, 385–397 (2001)

In the printed version, on page 385, depolarisation and were omitted from the third line of point 3 of the Summary. Point 3 should have appeared as:

3. When a train of action potential-like depolarisations of different frequencies (50, 100, 200 Hz) was used to induce inactivation, a similar relationship was found between the frequency of depolarisation and both τslow,1 and τslow,2 (a= 0.58 s, b= 0.39 for τslow,1 and a= 3.77 s and b= 0.42 for τslow,2).