39. Fauna of West Australia.—III. A new Nemertean, Geonemertes dendyi, sp. n., being the first recorded Land Nemertean from Western Australia.



The characteristic features of Geonentertes dendyi, sp. n., are as follows. The length of the mature female is about 15 mm. when crawling. The colour is brown-pink, with two dorsal and some what posterior darker longitudinal bands of chocolate-brown. The eyes are arranged in four groups—two anterior, each of or six larger spots, and two posterior groups, each of three smaller eyes, making about sixteen or seventeen altogether. Lateral organs are well developed, opening by characteristic ciliated cephalic pits on the ventral surface at the anterior end. The mouth opens into the rhynchodæum. The sexes are dist Cephalic gland apparently not well developed. Other structures agreeing well with the description of similar parts in G. australiensis. The specimen was found under a small log, together with Peripatus gilesii, in the Darling Hills, Western Australia not far from Perth.