The Skull, the Face, and the Teeth of Primates, with special reference to Dolichocephaly and the Centres of Growth in the Face.—Part I



  • 1 The author's radiographic method of determining the form of the endocranial cavity of the skull has been applied to a large series of Primate skulls. Leptoprosopy and dolichocephaly are shown to be normal features of certain Primates. The degree of dolichocephaly in the Gorilla is as great as that in Man, so that dolichocephaly, per se, cannot be regarded as a humanoid feature.
  • 2 The central canal of the chin is shown for the first time to be a normal but inconstant feature of the mandible of Primates.
  • 3 Mental and infraorbital foramina are analysed with special reference to their multiplicity, their relative position, and the associated direction of growth in the upper jaw and mandible.