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The Resistance of Certain Metals and Metallic Alloys to Corrosion and Solution by Sea-Water



  • 1 A brief account is given of various tests relating to the corrosive and solvent action of sea-water on metals and metallic alloys.
  • 2 Natural films of oxide or chemically-induced protective coatings have been found in two cases to withstand fairly successfully the attack of sea-water.
  • 3 The weakness of paints and varnishes as protective coatings lies in the formation of minute cracks and pinholes, which cause pitting when brought into contact with sea-water.
  • 4 Semi-immersion was found to be a more rigorous and exacting test than total immersion, and test samples should be submitted to both treatments before an opinion is expressed as to their corrosion-resisting properties.
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