15. The Breeding Habits of the Angel-Fish (Pteroyhyllum scalare)


  • Dorothy E. Sladden D.I.C.

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    • *It is with very great regret that we have to record the sudden death of Miss Sladden, due to a fatal motor car accident, on June 20th, 1937.—Editor.


Amazon Angel-fish (Pterophyllum scalare) bred in the Zoological Society's Aquarium for the first time in June 1936. The spawning took place in a 50-gallon tank at a temperature ranging from 80 to 82°° F., and in slightly acid water, pH 6.8. Markings on the head and body of the male, which may be an indication that it is in breeding condition, were observed. 150–200 eggs were deposited, 45–50 young hatched, and of these 30 per cent. were reared. Both parents took part in caring for the young. On hatching, the fry resembled the young of other Cichlids, but at the age of one month the typical adult form was assumed.