The Histology of the Male and Female Reproductive Organs of Epheslia kuhniella Zeller (Lepidoptera).–I. The Young Imagines.


  • A. J. Musgrave B.Sc., A R.C.S.

    1. Department of Zoology and Applied Entomology, Imperial College of Science and Technology.
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    • Communicated by H. R. Hewer, M. SC, A.R.C.S., F.Z.S.


1. The histology of the reproductive organs is described.

2. Further support is given to a suggestion of Hewer (1934) as to the origin of the ductus seminalis in Ephestia.

3. The occurrence of a brush border in the vasa deferentia, the mode of secretion of the paired glands, the presence of four parts to each accessory gland, and the complete histology of the unpaired gland system are described.

4. The mode of functioning of the receptaculum seminalis and associated structures and the function of the unpaired gland system and accessory glands are discussed.