On the Scottish Fox.



  • 1Full details are given of external measurements, weights, measurements of skulls, teeth and long bones of foxes, adult and young, from the Scottish Highlands.
  • 2The colour is described in some detail. It is considered that small dark foxes are found on the highest mountains, the larger paler animals occurring lower down.
  • 3Details are given on breeding and on the growth of cubs.
  • 4Scottish and European Foxes are compared, and it is considered that the former are distinctly larger than those found in Central Europe.
  • 5Scottish and Scandinavian Foxes are compared, and it is considered that there is no difference between them, and that both should be Vulpes v. vulpes.
  • 6The Scottish Highland Fox is thus larger than the Central European but the same as the Scandinavian Fox. It remains to be seen how it compares with foxes from the mountains of the Lake District of England and of Wales.