Reproduction in the Scottish Wild Cat, Felis silvestris grampia Miller


  • L. Harrison Matthews Sc. D.


  • 1Thirty-two Scottish Wild Cats, mostly from Perthshire, have been studied in some detail.
  • 2Examination of the genital tract of the male at different seasons leads to the conclusion that sexual maturity is attained at the age of about ten months.
  • 3No indication of a seasonal period of sexual activity was found in the male.
  • 4The accessory sexual organs, including the prostate, utriculus prostaticus, and Cowper's glands are comparatively small.
  • 5In the female œstrus occurs in the first half of March, and a litter is born early in May.
  • 6A second œstrus occurs at the end of May or the beginning of June, towards the end of lactation. A second litter is born about August.
  • 7Another œstrus occurs, very rarely, in late autumn, the resulting litters being born during the winter. Instances are recorded in which the litters were born at the end of November or the beginning of December, and in the middle of January.
  • 8Anœstrus usually lasts over the winter until the end of February.
  • 9Large corpora lutea of the first pregnancy persist in the ovary alongside the mature follicles at the second œstrus.
  • 10The corpora c are slow in regressing, and distorted remnants of them are, at least sometimes, recognizable after many months.
  • 11Transference of the ova from the ovary of one side to the uterine cornu of the other sometimes occurs.
  • 12The female reaches sexual maturity at an age of rather less than twelve months.