Pseudo-rumination in the Rabbit


  • *Taylor (1940) gave the following reasons for the new term “The physiological process seen in the rabbit may be regarded as an essential attribute of the species Oryctolagun cuniculus, just as the ruminating process is an attribute of Bos taurus: ‘ coprophagy’ is too wide a term, and, as applied to mammals, is suggestive of abnormality, nor does it convey any idea of the very specialized process of alimentation now seen to take place in the rabbit; ‘ pseudo-rumination’ is, therefore, suggested until more is known about the process and a better term is found. For the present it may be denned as a process of alimentation which involves a special rhythm of the caecum resulting in the production of two kinds of fæces, one of which is taken directly from the anus and reingested by the animal.”

  • †Communicated by THE SECRETARY.