On the Habit of Brooding on the Perch in Birds


  • JULIAN S. Huxley D. SC, F.R.S., F.Z.S.


(1) Details (with photographs) are given of the habit of brooding the young on the perch in the Pheasant Bheinardia ocellata and the Pigeon Chalcophaps indica.

(2) This habit is best developed in nidifugous forest-dwelling species where the young roost in branches from an early age, and where only two young are produced. The limitation of the number of young to two facilitates brooding on a linear support like a branch.

(3) It appears to be a diagnostic character of the subfamily Argusianinse.

(4) It may occur in other forms as well: (a) in nidifugous species with more than two young, such as Oallus, (b) in nidicolous types such as Pigeons (Chalcophaps).