The Display of Rheinart's Pheasant (Rheinardia ocellata).


  • J. S. Huxley M.A., D.Sc, F.R.S.,

  • F. W. Bond F.R.P.S.


1. The display of Rheinardia is here illustrated for the first time. The bird forming the subject of this communication was bred in the Society's Gardens at Regent's Park. It is a typical lateral display in which the vertically spread tail plays the major part, while drooped wings and erected crest also contribute.

2. A preparatory stage is figured in which the crest is erected and the tail partly spread. The bird may spend considerable periods in this attitude.

3. Rheinardia diverges in its type of display from the rest of the Argusianinse, in which display is frontal.

4. Rheinardia flies better than Argusianus, in which the wings have become converted into display organs, relatively useless for flight.